When someone watches his/her childhood school actions in the videos he/she is surprised and feels immeasurable ecstasy which is beyond to be captivated into the words. Factually, videos actions and remembrances  are more impressive than still photos. The students who took part in school function in their primary classes as impeccable performers were seen as fantastic and fabulous grown up performers in their classes of later stage. Now-a-days all sorts of activities are video graphed. The students after completing the education are settled down in any corner of the world they are so fortunate that they can refresh their school memories watching their activities and performances on the youtube. UPS management always prefers such educational plans  policies  which were student oriented . So far the question of video-graphy of students activities is concerned , even the teachers are trained to ensure the proper videography of the participating students. Such great memories are source of enjoyment for students throughout their whole period of life .