Since the beginning of the school , the school management has been endeavouring to treasure the sweet and unforgettable memories of the students clicking  and capturing the performances into the camera. Sometimes when we watch and view the same student’s performance in his/her pre-primary class and then last class of the student , that gives a lot of astonishment and satisfaction to the functionaries of the school. Such memorable pictures are the most prized treasure for the students. They can remind their schooling days only through such rare photos. The students and teachers find themselves into the school forgetting their present status. The school annual  magazine  ‘Sunrise’ is one of the most memorable and significant treasures which is gifted to all students  every year free of cost. All types of yearly activities are recorded and published  in our annual journal.  Who does not like to see his/her childhood photo  ?  Only because of such old time childhood photos , UPS students can not forget their teachers and friends & their performances . Even the school management , teachers  and students remind and memorise the slow and steady development of the school which was once an important part of their life.