'SUNRISE' 2011-12

I feel immense pleasure on the Vth publication of our institution annual Journal ‘Sunrise’which is proving blessings in disguise for the most junior writers. It is only the alma mater which can provide its students to excel in their life as a writer or a journalist. If the student is given the suitable platform to have confidence at the school level, no doubt, he or she will not have to feel small in his/her life to come. Every student can be a man of letter provided he or she should be granted every opportunity to show his maximum optimum. All the students are quick of their wit if the brain exercise goes on continuously without any stoppage . I think, delays are dangerous and harmful, maximum number of students should be adapted to the versatile situations well in time………….

‘SUNRISE’ 2012-13

I am much delighted to be a part of ‘UPS’ sixth issue of annual journal ‘Sunrise’.A magazine that has stood true to its shining in all its dimensions and attributes. I appreciate the entire talented ‘Sunrise Family’ for highlighting to the core values of the magazine to be a true mouthpiece of the creative minds and pious aspirations of the children .I admire the originality of the thoughts of the tender minds which have been presented in the magazine without galvanizing to make it look like more glamorous and dazzling .The year bygone has been memorable year of achievements which witnessed new heights beings scaled by ‘UPS’ in both academic and extra co-curricular activities .The all round development of the school is a testimony of the sincere approach , tireless efforts and hard work displayed by the entire team under the able leadership of Principal Manjeet Kaur sidhu………….

‘SUNRISE’ 2014-15

I am much elated on the 8th publication of ‘UPS’ annual journal ‘Sunrise’ The ‘UPS’ family iis marching ahead with the successful pace towards its ultimate educational goal which is very far away but not beyond the reach. If I say that I shall make the future of my students safe and secure , as a matter of fact, it is very easy to say so but very challengeable . It satisfies me a lot when I watch the desire progress and success of the students. Which is the best source of encouragement for me. UPS is peculiar in its existence because it is very good learning centre even for the teachers also. All the students are granted all possible opportunities to make their all round development. To join as junior writers in an annual magazine is also befitting platform for them. A new block for middle section along with spacious hall has been constructed this year

'SUNRISE' 2015-16

I am feeling pleasure and satisfaction on the 9th publication of UPS annual journal’ Sunrise’. Fortunately UPS innocent young writers possess an artistic genius. It is proverbial saying that a drop of ink makes millions to think and a picture can paint a thousand words. . Our students must avail opportunity because opportunity seldom knocks twice and miss is as good as a mile. If they want to success then all roads lead to Rome but it is certain that Rome was not built in a day. All good things come to those who wait but first step is the hardest. The UPS students should strive to learn for maximum schooling education whereas a little knowledge is a dangerous thing .It is said that time is money and a stitch in time saves nine so we should not put the work off till tomorrow what we can do today. Advisers run no risks so it is very easy to advise but advice is cheap . Sometimes advice is least headed when most needed. The teachers appear cruel yet they are kind and they believe a word to the wise is enough.. Our students must record astonishing results in their life otherwise all cats are grey in the dark……..

‘SUNRISE’ 2016-17

I am feeling much delighted to be an integral part of ‘UPS Family’ which has been putting its tireless efforts to ensure the all round development of its students since last more than two decades . Our dedication, devotion and determination fit suitable to ‘Educate, Empowerand Enlighten’ to our students. The school had the humble beginning with the two room rented building . Now this school is accepted and appreciated by the respected community of Talwandi Sabo (Bathinda) We didn’t know how all it happened but we know it very well that all it has happened due to our commitment, hard-work and emotional attachment with our students whose parents made this institution financially strong and encouraged us endorsing our answerable responsibility. No doubt , success is enjoyed by those who work hard in right direction with serviceable passion and do not see back

'SUNRISE' 2017-18

I am elated immensely on the publication of UPS’ 11th edition of annual journal ‘Sunrise’. To remind the school memories , Sunrise would be the most prized possession for UPS students even in the any later stage of their life. The entire editorial team deserves the applauding compliments for making the publication of ‘Sunrise’ possible well-in-time. The relentless efforts of the concerned teachers and the students throughout the year have accomplished the ardous and strenuous task . Universal Public senior Secondary School enjoys every possible moment to shape the destiny of its students with passionate and missionary spirit incorporated into the all round development from one to all. I envisage to inculcate such academic excellence among my students which should be embedded with ethical, social and moral values…

‘SUNRISE’ 2018-19

Since the establishment of the institution in 1999 , I have been discharging the responsibility of Principal with fervid & cogent conduct . It satisfies me the most to be a witness of an entry of a tiny tot with clean slate at the main gate of the school and passes out of same grown up student with efficacy of numerous aesthetic merits UPS erudite and credulous estimable faculty members have been proving their mettle constantly and consistently without any ostentation . Plethora of ample opportunities which abstain them from sluggishness and monotonous environment are being provided to the maximum number of students . ' Sunrise ' journal is also one of the sublime platforms set forth for our lovely students . I along with my tireless teaching team envisage to improve our professional performance day after day for better presentation to cope up students ' educational needs . Our top most priority is to nurture the blooming buds with philanthropic approach in an amicable and congenial educational set up . Apart from academic credibility , all teachers endeavor with full concentration how to build up un - relented confidence among the students in the other spheres too . The school management and teaching staff have succeeded in inculcating the competitive spirit from the bottom level to top level to hit its value - based educational targets .. Hardly a month passes when the students do not face the cut - throat competitions like GK , Talent Hunt , Spoken English , Co - curricular activities , Octo - Fest and Sports etc. All the worthy teachers and talented students wait eagerly to grab such golden chances to give the befitting and tough competition to their rival houses at primary & secondary levels . Even the parents of the students are also inspired to have check - ups upon their children through the routine written tests given the students regularly . UPS ' Humble Show & Annual Prize Distribution Function is celebrated with full zeal & zest every year in which about thousand students participate actively in various cultural , religious , social , patriotic and social evils activities . The mammoth gathering of the parents feel honored to watch their children stunning & extra ordinary performances and their joys know no bounds . When their children are given away the prizes by the dignitaries in their presence then their hopes and expectation are kindled much & more with optimism . Not only academic and co - curricular activities are our credentials but we all exhort & empathize upon the etiquettes and moral character of the students . We take it the most challengeable task to keep away our students from the social evils and misuse & harmful effect of modern technologies . The innocent students are easily preyed by the unwanted social sites hence it is our primary duty to warn them against such evils . I congratulate and appreciate the entire editorial team for their praiseworthy efforts to ensure the publication of 12th Volume of Sunrise ' magazine successfully . The ' 2018 memories ' of UPS Family ' have been published & recorded as documentary proof that would be the source of enjoyment for our lovely students in the many many years to come . Wish you all have a pleasant reading & watching by - gone year's moments and movements captured in ' Sunrise ' . Manjeet Kaur Sidhu MA ( Punjabi , Political Science , Hindi , History , Philosophy , Sociology ) , M.Ed

'SUNRISE' 2019-20

When a nursery class student enters in the main gate of any school , it is his / her first contact with the outer world which lays the foundation of worldly knowledge . It paves the way to enjoy the Dear Students , the students consider the school more favorite place than their homes . Least to say they miss their teachers more than their relatives during the holidays . The school students are the greatest hidden treasure of immeasurable wealth of kindness and generosity which can only be unlocked by the efficient and farsighted teachers . Since the last more than two decades ' UPS ' is striving relentlessly , persistently , consistently and infallibly to nurture the young minds of the rural area of Talwandi Sabo ( Bathinda ) . Undoubtedly the rural young children are equally talented to the urban area provided they are given ample opportunities by channelizing their potent potential in the right direction at right time . Such miraculous achievements can be envisaged under the able guidance of school management bound to grass root level implementation by the teachers . Being UPS Principal , since its inauguration I am fully satisfied with the fact that I & my worthy teaching faculty never show any dereliction of duty and even ensuring not let students pass the time at the cost of their parents hard earned money . May be , sometimes we can attain the cent - percent positive results , even though we should not desist & distract from our passionate goal shaping the all round personality of the students . Success comes to those who try to fail but not to those fail to try . We have supportive and sensitive management shouldered by dedicated and caring teachers backed by cooperative parents which blend harmoniously to ensure the child centric school . ' Sunrise ' is an impeccable milestone that ascertains our growth , unfolds our imagination and provides wings to our thoughts and aspirations . It unleashes a wide spectrum of children's talented creativity ranging from thinking to writing to editing and even in designing remarkably . It is desirable outcome of collective & painstaking efforts of UPS family . Focusing on the better opportunities , we contemplate sincerely to perform better than yesterday . I do not feel hesitation to give credit to our determined teachers who are rendering their teaching services whole - heartily & devotedly . The services of the teachers can never be paid back at any cost . I congratulate the entire ' Sunrise ' editorial team for their rich contribution of make the publication of 13th Volume of annual journal successful and possible . It is the true replica of UPS family's yester - gone unforgettable memories which will refresh our schooling days in the many more years to come . Manjeet Kaur Sidhu With warm wishes and God's blessings . MA ( Punjabi , Hindi , Political Science , History , Sociology , Philosophy ) M.Ed

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