We strive for excellence

“This school logo invites all the parents and students of Universal Public Senior Secondary School is to adhere to universal values that all men and women are brothers and sisters, because they belong to the same family of mankind . This institution  is devoted and dedicated for  the well being of our society of all the religions 

"Love your neighbour as yourself"

“The motto invites you to accept, be and behave with others, the way you would like others to be with you, because you can’t claim to worship and love GOD when you can’t  accept and  love your neighbor”

About us

We are the UPS family members in an educational field. We all together endeavor to support one another in the form of  school management, Administrative staff, teachers , students as well their respectable parents. Our main motive is to produce the responsible society to serve our nation with the desired progress of our country in all fields without any bias and discrimination.