Supreme sacrifices made by Guru Gobind Singh’s family 

When all modes of  redressing a wrong having failed, the rising of sword is just right & pious”

Our nation will ever remain  indebted to the great sacrifices made by  10th Sikh  Guru Gobind Singh’s family. His great father Guru Teg Bahadur laid down his life in Chaandni Chowk , Delhi against the injustice and cruelty being then meted out to the people by the stone-hearted Mughal emperor  Aurangjeb . Guru Gobind Singh was great philosopher, poet, statesman, warrior & saint. He fought many battles for the sake of humanity. His two elder sons Sahibzada Ajit Singh and  Sahibzada Jujhar Singh sacrificed their lives in the battlefield of Chamkaur di Gadi. Guru Gobind Singh younger sons Sahibzada Zoravar Singh and Sahibzada Fateh Singh were bricked alive in Sirhind . His great mother Gujri ji breathed her last owing to the brutality & cruelty shown to her grandsons who were just five years and  seven  years old. Even Guru Gobind Singh ji was stabbed by  the Pathan & sacrificed his life.

Keeping  the supreme sacrifices of Guru Gobind Singh’s brave  sons into the most serious view , our UPS is divided into four Houses which are named after the great sons of Guru Gobind Singh. Moreover Guru Gobind Singh ji stayed in Talwandi Sabo (Damdama Sahib) about nine months and preached  the humanity and religious philosophy to  the people of this area. It is our pious responsibility never to forget the great  sacrifices made by Guru Gobind Singh and his  whole family . Hence it is our heartfelt tribute to such family which can be rare of the rarest in this world. We should  bow our head  with full reverence before such unforgettable great martyrs who sacrificed their lives to ensure the freedom of our coming generations.