Manjeet Kaur Sidhu

‘UPS’  Principal

M.A (History, Pol.Sci., Hindi, Philosophy, Sociology, Pbi.) ,M.Ed

My life in a nutshell

Everybody has to struggle and face the challenges in his/her life. The person who finds the solution of the problems hoping for light after dark without bowing before stormy winds but only work hard, is always ready to face ill-circumstances can change the directions of the winds. It is a historical fact that none can achieve one’s target with the support of only money, approach and threats. There is no any substitute and short cut to get the success , only & only a way is hard work. Falling again and again but try to rise up after repeated failures is not our weakness but that determination takes us to success without tasting the defeat.
Everyone has a story of one’s struggle as well as experience which motivates others to do the same. Today I want to acquaint my students with my short struggle of life. I took birth on 29th Jan’1976 in the house of late S. Kulbir Singh and Mrs Balwinder Kaur in Patiala . The homely atmosphere was quite pitiable due to the prolonged illness of my father . My great mother educated me, my sister Dr. Lakhwinder Kaur and Surjit Kaur by dint of her dedication, determination and bone-breaking hard work.
During my childhood it was my dream to change the ill-circumstances of my family. I got the education till twelfth in Victoria Sr Sec School (Girls) Patiala. After schooling education I acquired my further education as a private student. Due to ill-days, my parents married me in 1993. By the grace of God, my life partner supported me to fulfil my passion to enhance my education. After marriage I completed my graduation and post graduation in six different subjects with professional qualification . Commonly it is said that there is a hand of woman behind the success of a man . But I am feeling pleasure to mention it that my success was backed by my hard-working husband. He was not only my ardent supporter during difficult days but act as a motivator too. My God gifted daughter and son are my right and left arms.
Dear Students , when we fail , we are not failures but when we fail to try then we are always losers. We should learn from our mistakes that learning makes us successful to move for further progress, that is the real life. It is a fact that even stagnated water gives a foul smell . The another name of life is a struggle . To be an optimistic, diligent and perseverant are the only ways to succeed in the life . It is my heartfelt desire till the last to stand by my students and teach them by all means