Manjeet Kaur Sidhu,  Principal

M.A (History, Pol.Sci., Hindi, Philosophy, Sociology, Pbi.) ,M.Ed    

Since the beginning of the school, I have been actively associated with ‘UPS’ from the laying of the foundation to its grown up stage. Being a head of this school from the starting I have also watched the developing stage of students from their Nursery class to 10+2 standard. Now my students, teachers and parents have become a part and parcel of each other’s life. Fortunately I have acted more as a teacher than a principal. I take much enjoyment teaching, motivating and guiding my students. Being a passionate in dancing and choreography I provide a befitting platform of appropriate opportunities to the maximum number of students to expose their hidden talent on the stage during annual function. Mentioning with much contentment our school has become the best learning centre of all types of co-curricular activities. I always envisage maintaining the proper balance in between academic environment and cultural environment so that students’ education should not be suffered on the pretext on outdoor activities.               The most important feature of our school is that we all work as a team to prioritize the discipline and concentrate our energy to maintain full discipline. I along with my working teachers, we all remain anxious to improve our way of teaching, working, controlling and commanding session after session. We feel pleasure to meet the expectations of our students’ parents.              It is a hard fact that today’s parents find it very difficult to teach their lovely children in a good English medium school due to unbearable fee structure. But our school’s management is fully aware about the poor financial conditions of the parents who hail from rural poor background, Our management realizes that a good education should be within the reach of common people.              Our institution has gained the momentum popularity after the devotion, dedication and perpetual hard work of more than two decades. The role of school management is quite admire worthy. The school chairman is always ready to support principal, teachers and students whenever, whatever and wherever it needs to see the desired progress of the school.           Every person is bound to die later or sooner but his personality should not die. Our personality can be immortal provided society is served honestly and diligently. Undoubtedly the personality of a knowledgeable teacher always rule over the heart of his/her students till the last.          As a principal, I feel immense pleasure to extent my support to teachers, students and their parents for the desired results. I do not like to compromise when there is a question of students’ life.            It is my firm belief, the schooling education matters a lot in everyone throughout the life. Only the good educational school environment can lay good foundation of any student who can construct the multi-storyed buildings of his safe and secure future.            I wish that UPS should not be known for its academic results only but must be regarded and acknowledged due to its moral social values. I congratulate UPS’ family for re-launching its website again is a better way using the latest techniques, so that the heartfelt efforts of school management, teachers and students can be recognized & approved at global level. I assure that I will try my level best to ensure the value-based educational progress of our school. With warm wishes                                  With warm wishes………………………….