Your kind co-operation is the most important for the desired progress of your children


                          If you faith in God you must have much worry for the bright future of each and every student because the life of the student is in your hands


You are the real owner of this institution. Please keep it neat and clean. Its properly belongs only to you. It is your  duty to take care of it. Every moment of your life is very precious, avail that seriously . Your parents’  money is much hard – earned. Save it in an educational  bank enriched your childhood with high moral values because society needs  them. Assess your daily school ‘s progress at home if you want to succeed, a little carelessness costs much disaster. Nip it in its bud by all means. Education without knowledge is just like shooting an arrow without any aim, make your life full of agility, bravery, cleanliness, determination efficiency and up to …………..Z. Never shut your eyes before evils, challenge them boldly to eradicate them.