My Anthology

Global Glooms

Who is Good , everybody Knows

A good PM is that who  always wishes to meet  his  all people as a common man

Ignoring the policies of vote bank he does his best  for poor and poor are his fan.

A  good doctor is that who  is the most  satisfied  to  kill the  ills with cheap pills

He is more worried about patient’s life  than money and  unwanted  heavy bills

A good teacher not only covers  syllabus of students  but also inspires and guides

Changing   the mind- set of his student into a  good human being  he feels prides

A  good lawyer is that  who defends & argues for his client  only with solid proof

To ensure the  justice as the best counsel he takes care to protect his house’s roof

A good Judge is that who punishes the guilty, culprit and rapist with an iron hand

Justice  should be so  early but  free and fair  that public should respect rule of land

A   good priest is that who  is above  from fury, greed, proud  and free from all vices

Sometimes his followers’ faith is shaken when they see  him a slave of his choices

A good engineer is that whose techniques are best, latest, most reliable and cheap

His projects should be value based which can be more useful  to laugh than to weep

A good scientist is that who invents such device with which poverty can be controlled

Due to fatal  inventions  of  scientists man is feeling  timidity rather to be bold

A soldier is that who is ready to sacrifice his life  for the sake of  his country and duty

His countrymen feel safe and secure  as none can touch his country’s ever last beauty

If I were a good teacher  I could have been respected  by my students more

I must become a such teacher whose teaching be more interesting than to be bore 


A Motherless child

Who can feel  the feelings of a motherless child ?

Who can tolerate and love him when he is wild ?

Who can repent after beating him with soft heart ?

Who can warn him against dangers &  to be alert ?

Who can eat food after ensuring if he has eaten ?

Who can quarrel with life partner if he is beaten ?

Who can spend sleepless nights if child is unwell ?

Who can wait till he comes back  and rings a bell ?

Who can weep seeing his eyes  are full of tears ?

Who can feel worries about him but hide fears ?

Who can ignore the blunders which he commits ?

Alas ! he misses the lap of mother when he sits ?

A Teacher

Teaching should be a passion, not a profession

It should be  a new creation, not an old fashion

Teacher should be an example, not just a sample

He should  be a  learning temple , not a trample

Teaching should be only teaching ,not a cheating

It should go on up to the reaching, not a beating

Teacher should be a burning lamp, not  a stamp

He should be a champ , not like a  model’s ramp

Teaching should be a desire, not an un aimed fire

Teacher should be an inspirer, not to feel any tire

Teaching is the best post , none could pay its cost

Teacher is god if he welcomes his student as host

Composed by : Sukhchain  Singh Sidhu

A Penniless Person

The penniless man is a alive dead

Hence he is unwilling to live more

miseries and sorrows are his bed

 his body is full of bruise and sore

he shivers with cold out of a shed

in a jolly company he is just a bore

he feels fed up from heel to head

to find joys he knocks at the door

he is worried for a piece of bread

he wants broken floor with flour

stitches with a needle and thread

he is in deep sea seeing no shore

he is tired unable to move ahead

he has nothing to throw in a store

face is full of wrinkles on forehead

lives for family that he can’t ignore

About Some People

Some people are not what they appear

They are dangerous when they are near

On the destruction of others they cheer

They always cheat friends without fear

They are not in reality what they wear

If anyone cries for help they do not hear

When others are in sorrows they jeer

To fulfill their selfishness they say dear

In personal  dealings they are not clear

Meeting an  honest they can not bear

to serve the needy they are not sincere

they are rogue  but pretend to be seer

A True Friend

A true friend stands by not only good days but also bad days

He encourages  &  helps his friend with all the possible ways

His all words are of full of truth for him whatsoever he says

He never expects any return what, when and where he pays

He is frank & outspoken and warns his friend against delays

He inspires him to have full faith in fair game when he plays

He seeks  kind blessings of ‘Almighty’ for him when he prays

He wishes him all joys and success  with flowers full of trays

He always thinks for his splendid progress wherever he stays

He motives him to be optimistic and positive instead of nays

He wishes him to show the achievements as many as sun rays

Without a true friendship, a life appears  like straws and hays

An Egoist ( Only ‘I’ or ‘Me’)

An egoist is a victim of his thought

He can not be advised and taught

His temperament is too much hot

In everything he finds much doubt

He claims supremacy what  he got

He shows more without having lot

In demerits he can not be fought

In show off race he can’t be caught

To be a popular he wanders about

Among the arrogant he is sought

For the humanity he misses a shot

He wants to be on top on the spot

Both are must

Wealth is to health and health is to wealth ,both are must

Struggle to survive and survive to struggle , both are must

A defeat is to gain and a victory is to retain , both are must

 friendship is to help, relation is to develop, both are must

Laugh is to be glad and weep is to be sad , both are must

Success is to delight, failure is to be bright, both are must

The Foe is to harm, the friend is to alarm , both are must

Praise is to do better, criticism is to chatter ,both are must

Hard work is to succeed, relax after deed, both are must

Punishment  is to learn, reward is to earn ,both are must

Polite is to lead easy life, faithful is to wife, both are must

Profit is to be rich, loss is to be in a ditch, both are must

Saving is an earning, problem is a learning ,both are must

Parents are to respect, a child is to expect , both are must

Joys are to celebrate, sorrows are to hate, both are must

Life is the hardest test, death is the last rest ,both are must

Dear Students, If you can do

If you can set now, set your aim

If you can earn, earn your name

If you’re at fault, never to blame

If you do wrong ,then feel shame

If you can win, win a tough game

If desires multiply,  strive to tame

If you can hate , hate false fame

If you are right , then try to claim

If anyone does good then acclaim

If you see good set in brainy frame

If you can help needy , so proclaim

To redress evils , be one to exclaim

By : Sukhchain Singh Sidhu…


Dishonesty is a fatal disease

It can never make one please

It  deals in dollars and rupees

It lures the greedy to increase

It puts moral values to freeze

It provides indigestible cheese

It registers a free life on lease

It turns a cool to cold breeze

It gives shadow without trees

When exposed one is on knees

It puts peace of mind on cease

It changes crows from geese

Purity is twisted to squeeze

It disallows sorrows to release

It enforces all joys to decrease

Hate dishonesty to feel at ease

Dreams of A Good Student if not fulfilled

 Every hard working student wants to succeed

He burns midnight oil not to stop but to proceed,

He is an ambitious and aspires to lead the world

He wishes to fly high in the sky like a soaring bird,

His wants to fulfill  his all dreams at any cost

He tries his best to secure the very good post,

He is determined to  achieve his ultimate goal

He likes to be different  as diamond is from coal,

He thinks to make his parents to feel proud

He hopes to appear differently out of  a crowd,

He is  firm and sincere in his doings to achieve

He never imagines that his hopes can deceive,

He loves sincerity, diligence and punctuality

He prefers to make good  progress in reality ,

He possesses  dynamic plans in his fertile mind

He desires to show the right  path to the blind,

He uses all possible ways to prove his mettle

He is firm to  fight  as a true soldier in battle,

                           Oh MY GOD !

His all dreams and passions are ended in smoke

When   his hard-work  is turned into a cruel joke

Basic Desires

Every child’s desire is to play and to eat

He wishes to taste if it is sour or sweet

Every young desires to be  well known

He wishes to fly in the sky like a drone

Every old man desires to be honoured

He feels very upset when he is cornered

Every poor desires to eat food  to his fill

He feels upsets as his bank account is nil

Every woman desires to enjoy like a man

She feels upset if she suffers from a ban

Every rich desires to enjoy with  wealth

He is upset if he is fed up from ill-health

No doubt all desires can not be fulfilled

these are only the basics are being killed 

From early age to old age

When someone is a child he likes toys

When he is a boy he seeks all the joys

When he is young he desires to marry

He wants the wife not less than a ferry

After marriage he desires a nice family

He wants to achieve everything timely

He wants to see his children above all

He tries his best to build a golden wall

When he is old he worries for the next

From early age to last he does not rest

He wishes for his grandchildren the best

All have to face it so it is called ‘life test’

When he is healthy he is not  wealthy

When he is wealthy he is not healthy

Global warming

Our nature is very- very  charming

Threatened by the global warming

Its consequences are fatal & harming

Will have bad effects on our farming

Fossil fuels  are being burnt by us all

Just stop it , who will sound that call ?

Earth is again becoming a red hot ball

Gases  are forming  a poisonous wall

Level of sea water is going on a rise

 Co2, methane are increasing in size

Only spread by men known as wise

our generations will pay heavy price

ice is melting ,earth is becoming fire

we must realize , its results are dire

 it will burn all like a live electric wire

to live safely ,no any planet is on hire

Realized and composed by : Sukhchain

Good Education

Good  and hard- earned education is the best platform for us to rise

Only   a  real  and practical life can make us intelligent , bold and wise

The ugly and  ill-days which we don’t like to face can make us strong

We   can be  energetic  and daring so that we can challenge any wrong

Instead  of finding  faults with our opponents   we must try to be right

 Our sorrows are turned into joys as darkness  is overpowered by  light

We should not run after money as  greed  of  money makes us  mean

What is the result of ill-earned money is always zero can soon be  seen

We should sow  the seeds of  kindness  and harvest the crop of pleasure

If we remain busy to do good of others that is only our precious treasure

To be successful and wealthy  should not be  the purpose of our  aim

Life is something different can be   paradise  if we  prefer not  to claim

When we think only about ourselves we can not get more than we expect

When we  live for the sake of others, in return we get peace of mind is a fact

Read ‘Sukhchain Sidhu’ s Poem to understand tenses

(Present Indefinite)  He watches  the natural sight , we do  not care the nature, do we ?

(Past Indefinite )  He boarded on  the flight , we did not sit on an  easy chair,  did we ?

(Future Indefinite)  He will enjoy  the tasty bite ,we will not eat our own  share, will we ?

(Present Continuous)   He is flying & enjoying a kite, we are not watching the fair,  are we ?

(Past Continuous) He was helping others as his right , we were not willing to spare, were we ?

(Future Continuous)  He will be willing to right, we shall not be trying to repair, shall we be?

(Present Perfect)  He has eaten balanced diet, we have not tasted  that anywhere, have we ?

(Past Perfect)  He had ignited the light, we had not pacified the flare,  had we ?

(Future Perfect)  He  will have washed the white, we shall not have paid the fare, shall we have?

(Present Perfect Continuous) He has been hearing plight since then, we have not been finding any rare

  for ten days, have we been ?

(Past Perfect Continuous)  He had been feeling delight since May, we had not been enjoying with player                                        for many days,  had we been ?

(Future Perfect Continuous)   He will have been sleeping at night for many hours, we will not have been inspiring them to dare since 1999 ,    will we have been ?

How much easier to find fault with others

It is an easy to follow but difficult to lead

It is not so easy to fulfill everyone’s need

realize and listen problems with full heed

see your performance than others’ deed

sow your own than to crush others’ seed

how much easier to snatch than to feed

judge by way of life not by caste or creed

life can be lead by hope based on greed

everyone can be faulty so none is freed

it is a good to guide but a bad to mislead

our life is written with errors all can read

 it is easy to hit others at a great speed


All religions teach us to love the humanity

we ruin our life hating another community

All religions teach us to help poor & needy

We help those who are goons and greedy

All religions teach us never to commit a sin

We do the worst  only to confirm our win

All religions teach us never  to discriminate

we do believe in divisions only to eliminate

All religions teach us that God is only one

We quarrel for many more making His fun

All religions teach us all never to tell a lie

We hide the truth not to save but to die

All religions teach to all never  to cheat

We don’t spare those who offer us seat

All religions teach us to love and respect

We are unfit in our religions that is a fact

By : Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

What my heart hears,sees,feels & says-

I  have got all things in my life  in spite of that not feeling well

I have pity for the poor children who can’t listen school’s bell

The farmers who provide me food are unwilling to live any more

When  my  politicians read the news of their suicides they feel bore

It upsets me when the  laborers are building bungalow, living near it, in a small hut

When the construction is over, their hut is demolished, wire of one bulb is cut

 I  am  sorry to see poor children ’s dark future who are cleaning the tasted dishes in hotels

To make their livelihood  they are waiting the rich people to sell their emptied wine bottles

When the rickshaw puller is pulling us we don’t feel he is also  someone’s beautiful son

He could also enjoy  the rickshaw sitting on the back seat if he were the son of rich one

The wrinkled face shoemaker in a broken pair of slipper is waiting  for someone to shine his shoes

He hardly finds a client who is doing bargaining with him without realizing his  worries and woos

Sometimes our luxurious cars throw the dust on the innocent face of the working  poor child

No doubt,  we are the slaves of temporary public show which drives  us to be  cruel and wild

It is said that “Do good Have good” but poor are doing good  and having bad

When  they  will find the solution of their ill-days  , this Question makes me always sad



If we are ......

If we act seriously , what can not be done

Without  doing any work, life can not be run

If we are honest ,life is like a flower of rose

To spend a day  honestly  is a healthy dose

If we are kind,  our service can be the best

We  can pass with good deeds as life is a test

If we are helping others  we can be  desired

We should be devoted to serve till we are tired

If we  are trying and failing we should not be sad

But if  we are failing to try that is worse and bad


Importance of mother

Mother  is next to God ,none can take her place

If  God is invisible but  we can see her godly face

As a coach she trains us how to walk & run a race

We are enjoying  this world only due to her grace

Though  we are bad she is ready to fight our case

Sometimes we are slow  she  speeds up our pace

When we hide  fears and mistakes she can trace

We are grown up with the help of her gifted base

When she sees lest we should fall she ties our lace

When we  are helpless she lifts us up with a brace

life of a Soldier

When we sleep, a soldier makes  rounds

During duty he can suffer from  wounds

He is ready to die for the sake of nation

He is to perform duty station to station

He misses his family from far flung post

He wishes to taste family’s roast & toast

He is sad when his leave is not granted  

During family function he is also wanted

He loses his youth performing tough duty

He can’t enjoy charming sights & beauty

None can pay back his rich contribution

internal & external threat, he is solution

he faces such situation that is horrified

he must always be dignified and glorified

By : Sukhchain Singh Sidhu


Love father, love mother

Love sister, love brother

Love uncle, love aunt

Love tree,  love plant

Love spring, love autumn

Love top, love bottom

Love winter ,love summer

Love cycle, love hummer

Love hot, love cold

Love weak ,love bold

 Love cruel, love kind

Love eyed ,love blind

Love sky ,love sea

Love insect, love bee

Love animals, love birds

Love one,  love herds

Love poor ,love rich

Love ditch ,love pitch

Love friend, love foe

Love why, love so

Love dwarf, love tall

Love me , love all

Love young ,love old

Love iron, love gold

Oh My God ! Listen my achievements

Oh my God ! when I used stones

I learnt to cook flesh and bones

Oh my God ! when I had an arrow

I killed animals, birds like sparrow

Oh my God ! when I made an axe

I cut the trees without any relax

Oh my God ! When I made spear                      

I killed that who was not my dear

Oh my God ! when I invented gun

shooting my enemies was my fun

Oh my God ! when I made missiles

I ensured the dead bodies in piles

Oh my God ! when I made  tanks

I killed the army men of all ranks

Oh my God ! I made all weapons

against my wish nothing happens

Oh my God ! I made  a fatal bomb

I ‘d make all blind, deaf and dumb

Oh my God !  Save me ! Save me !

what I have achieved would kill me

Atoms bombs will fry and grill me

By : Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

Loneliness of childhood

When I was a alone

Without any phone

With a self ringtone

In a very happy zone

Not a tension of loan

No sigh and no moan

Liberty was a crown

Healthy  back bone

Hitting like a drone

Only smile no frown

Nothing to be shown

‘d breeze to be blown

All green , no brown

just laugh ,no groan

my life was my own

footpath my throne

had joys to be flown

will was like a stone

no fear of any cyclone

no love for velvet gown

not a wish to be known

Oh ! My bad luck

Why ,when ,where

have all these gone  ???

My Notions

Love all , hate none

Be happy, enjoy fun

Face life , never run

Feel  safe , without gun

Take one , give ton

For elders , be son

Shine  yourself, like sun

Be humble ,having won

Ease tension, having done

Bad habits, always shun

In dealings , be A-one

When hungry eat bun

Married Life…….

Married life survives only on a mutual care

It is not so as people take it as an easy chair

It is like a heaven when both learn to spare

It is like a hell when both challenge to dare

It is based upon feelings of a delicate layer

Not only joys but sorrows are also to share

 the dealing of pure relation is free and fair

 difference of opinions is thinner than a hair

not a game played between player to player

it is the best gift of God which is quite a rare

both are accepted on earth as the best pair

All husbands & wives be happy is my prayer

By Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

My country is the best but

My country and its people are the best

                                        but its system is the worst

  By playing the card of region, religion and caste ,

                                     To capture vote bank is must

                         To deprive the people of their rights

                               unwanted formalities are thrust

                         After forming the new government

                                manifestos are thrown into dust

                Social and moral values are disappearing

                                      as iron is being eaten by rust

                    Hard working people are without food

                              But idle are enjoying life with lust

                            Well educated people are ineligible

 unqualified backed by power and money stand first

             When will our system be on the right track ?

  Impossible, but  people show their faith and trust

                       Value based education  is the only tool

            Which can remove poverty and break its crust

My dear students

Go on as a river flows

Run as the wind blows

Shine as the sun glows

Support as vehicles’ tows

perform as magic shows

polite as fruit tree bows

grow as a farmer  sows

learn as a genius knows

speed up if  the life slows

be patient when in rows

bold, sorrow comes & goes

act as adventurous vows

My heartfelt wish

Instead of various countries, there should be only a world

Without any borders ,visa and fear, we should fly like a bird

Caste, creed, religion of all worldly people should be same

All can live peacefully without any racial riots of bloody game

To protect the borders , countless million dollars are wasted

With that money , the progress of all countries can be tasted

The Living  and eating standard of all people should be high

There should not be a single case of starvation , sob or sigh

 The main agenda of Global Govt. should be to take care of all

If there is any problem , all should  try to solve that at first call

I know it very well , my heartfelt wish can’t be fulfilled any how

The future generations may think about it ,if not possible now

Wished & Composed by : Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

It is started to play by our name

It runs  ever non-stop for a fame

When it loses then feels a shame

Rarely praises as willing to blame

Till the end always ready to claim

 it drifts away from the real aim

Its greed is so wild can not tame

Its daily desires  are never same

Only to enjoy in a golden frame

To serve itself  loves to acclaim

 At last it is put off  like a flame

Oh ! Our Life is just like a game

Our conscience is our best guide

Our life can be cheerful if our conscience is our guide

Our life can be full of joys if we have nothing to hide

life can be like a horse if we have good actions to ride

Our life can be smooth if we put our greed to set aside

We should love harmony and hate to those who divide

Our life should be full of humbleness without any pride

Our wrong doings are main obstacles in our life to glide

Our  good actions can lift us up during ill days like a tide

Our life should have humane principles to act and abide

Our life should run well then never  care of people chide

Our desires throw us in a pit that is dark, deep and wide

Being a conscientious our life can run without any collide

Our helpless aged parents

Why we can’t care our aged parents who cared us the most

Why we can’t feel proud of them who prepared us to boast

Why we can’t spare time for them who spared us at any cost

Why we can’t feed them who fed us running from pillar to post

Why we can’t make them happy who looked after us like a host

Why we can’t provide shelter for them who covered us in a frost

Why we can’t welcome them who greeted us with desired roast

Why we can’t protect them who protected us from stormy coast

Why we can’t make them laugh who always laughed us almost

Why we can’t do anything for them who did for us with utmost

Composed by : Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

Our life is not enjoyable when

When we feel  hate & jealous of our own

When we don’t care to pay back the loan

When we are mad after the public show

When we prefer to break  than to bow

When we are slave of worldly desires

When we enjoy company of great liars

When we want to be the best among all

When we start to kick others like a ball

When we are angry, selfish and greedy

When we steal the share of the needy

When we want more than we deserve

When we ask for service, hate to serve

As a voter sows so shall he reap

Who will take responsibility when we vote for a bottle of a wine ?

Who is responsible when we say duties are yours rights are mine?

Who is responsible when we vote on the basis of caste and creed?

Who is responsible when we elect leader just to satisfy our greed?

Who is responsible when we vote only to promote our kith & kin ?

Who is responsible when we vote for that who commits only sin ?

Who is responsible when we vote for note ,not for progress of all ?

Who is responsible when we auction our right on politician’s stall ?

Who is responsible when we vote to hide our evils and ill-deeds ?

Who is responsible when we ignore society but prefer our needs ?

Who is responsible when we vote to settle scores with our foes ?

How to eliminate them with the help of vote we are on our toes

It is easy to blame the leaders, but difficult to change our stand

we should avail and honor democracy than showy life of brand

when our votes are on the sale but demand justice free of cost

why we are victims of ill-days, in real , our moral values are lost

if our all voters  pledge to vote for only those who are the loyal

what can not be done if voters and politicians’ thinking is royal

there is no any power or person that  can change your ill-days

all leaders can be forced to do good if we change our own ways

Pitiable position of aged Parents

Parents who built house & set our family are frustrated at last

They looked after us with love and affection are hated at last

They made our fate with blood and sweat  are ill-fated at last

They ate food only after their children are not waited at last

They tried  best to make relationships are not related at last

They valued  their children above all are under rated at last

They sent us school timely , for treatment are belated at last

They made us happy every date & time are outdated at last

They protected us from heat and cold are not slated at last

They spent their full life for our joys are not elated at last

They sacrificed their all joys for our future are bated at last

They are alive dead when they are not to be debated at last

I salute those people who love parents to be chatted at last

If we want to pay back their love they must be patted at last

Political Game

All the politicians play a political game better than Olympic teams

They play with the emotions of the voters selling them big dreams

They promise their voters to taste them different layers of creams

They hand them over the pamphlets of manifestos full of schemes

They show them the deserts full of greenery and flowing streams

They ensure them with such houses supported by golden beams

They kindle their hopes to end their difficulties with silver gleams

They pretend so successfully as their true servants not Supremes

They warm them up to vote as rail engines are puffed with steams

They befool them saying  their demands will be put on extremes

When elections are over they are beaten due to painful screams

After being cheated they feel themselves strange in mainstream

Remember, Only

Remember, only the problems can make us  strong

We can have success  if our actions are not wrong

Remember , only responsibilities ensure our success

we can earn respect with good deeds , not by dress

Remember , never become rich at the cost of health

We can’t enjoy life with ill-health having lot of wealth

Remember , hard earned money makes us feel good

When we drown, not on gold but we can sail on wood

Remember,  what we sow in our life so we shall reap

do your best try to wipe the tears of those  who weep

Remember, to feel hate and  jealous  are our troubles

When we practise  them they pay us back in doubles

Remember, we are responsible to make our life bitter

Try to repair and adjust it to run smoothly like a fitter

Remember, the worldly pleasures pollute our desires

Only peace of mind can make you happy, not saphires

Remember ,we will have to say ‘last goodbye’ to world

Just after our death our name and fame will be blurred


Satisfaction is found there where you feel

To cure mental disturbance only it can heal

That is achieved  only if we make a fair deal

It is not felt when we want more than meal

 It can’t be felt if we find it in money- game

Satisfaction is always away from false fame

It is found within one self, nobody can tame

if one is satisfied with a life what is in name

it is found only if we are truthful in actions

it can be felt only in service of all sections

it can be got if we find our own corrections

it is not realized with bad deed’s reactions

life is just like a paradise if one is satisfied

never run after competition, world is wide

 in a dark let your conscience be your guide

everything is left behind when we are died

Relation of Teacher and Student

The relation of  teacher and student is the best

It is much more than giving and taking the test

It is recognized  in North, South, East and west

It should be secured  as money is in iron chest

it should be like a sparrow loves chicks in nest

It should be maintained with full zeal and zest

It should be treated as a host welcomes guest

To teach truth & humanity should be in quest

Teacher’s role is as visible as valley from crest

Absence of cordial relations is like a fatal pest

interactions can be more enjoyable than fest

if relation is disturbed both must feel unrest

A Debt-ridden Farmer

The Farmer is only a person who feeds my country

In the field of a green revolution leads my country

Runs from pillar to post to make both ends meet

sadly , becomes too poor  to buy  his own wheat

being  debt-ridden  has only option to sell his land

finds so hard to dig out planted tree with own hand

my  country has progressed a lot due to such a man

When commits suicide ,all  pretend to be his fan

System is so cruel towards him not  caring for his life

After an elegy , left behind, are his debt, children & wife

His children instead of  getting education, doing labour

What a shame, who fed country ,is without any favour

Before  death , never criticized and annoyed at others

Moneylenders looted him who treated them as brothers

After his death  Govt. can give his member money & a job

But  such help can not measure the depth of his wife’s sob

Can be seen on forefront to donate  needy and temples

To en-cash his family members votes is used as samples

To sell hard-earned crop  in market ,sleeps on a heap of grain

His debt will be paid back or not, feels  a burden on his brain

When  goes to market to sell , takes some chapattis in his bag

Drinks water from water pump, not thinking bottle of bisleri tag

Black marketers exploit him mercilessly, leaves him on his ill-fate

When his good days will come , let us pray to God to fix that date.

Walk alone if not have any mate

Do good now , not to fix the date

Love honesty without any  rate

What we think is always our fate

Work hard timely never to be late

If  we have vices  we must  hate

Serve  , without public certificate

If there is any needy, open the gate

If want to see good result then wait

Before death never try to be great

Without my late Father’s struggle
I would have been nothing

His will-power was like a steel

All land was sold, he did not feel

He prayed to God when he ate meal

He was known to all for his fair deal

He was always full of zest and zeal

He was a daring from head to heel

He moved us on & on like a wheel

He hated  who did wrong under veil

He taught us honesty, never to steal

 His words helped our wounds to heal

Throughout life, he faced sorrows’ reel

His stand was just like a permanent seal

World is a Goods Train

Satisfaction is found there where you feel

To cure mental disturbance only it can heal

That is achieved  only if we make a fair deal

It is not felt when we want more than meal

 It can’t be felt if we find it in money- game

Satisfaction is always away from false fame

It is found within one self, nobody can tame

if one is satisfied with a life what is in name

it is found only if we are truthful in actions

it can be felt only in service of all sections

it can be got if we find our own corrections

it is not realized with bad deed’s reactions

life is just like a paradise if one is satisfied

never run after competition, world is wide

 in a dark let your conscience be your guide

everything is left behind when we are died

What is going on

Some are writing others are deleting

Some are separating others are meeting

Some are helping others are cheating

Some are loving others are beating

Some are cooling others are heating

Some are chirping others are tweeting

Some are standing others are seating

Some are resting  others are sweating

Some are finishing others are creating

Some are killing others are treating

Some are hating others are greeting

Some are starving others are over eating

What a man should be

A man should  always be what he says

His actions should shine  like sun rays

Ready to walk on easy and hard ways

Should return back what society pays

To help poor should never count days

Should be missed a lot where he stays

Should act timely without any delays

Maintain distance from that who flays

Should feel comfortable even on hays

Should ever be positive not to say nays

One can feel relief when his hand lays

Life is sweet if do good or we are clays

When I was a child

When I was a little & innocent child I was better than a king

My best achievements were to cry, laugh, jump and to sing

My toys were my friends who did not know how to cheat

Our friendship was so permanent need not save or delete

We felt satisfaction only to co- operate , not to compete

We did not act or react whether it was much cold or heat

Our life was without any jealous, anger, proud and greed

We were happy to see our friends not to follow but to lead

My life with artificial car and duplicate home was free and fair

Now real car and beautiful home are full of tension and care

I wish to go back to my childhood to enjoy the life of past

My innocence and purity are lost in hope to be first not last

What is in sad eyes of an old man

Why is he hated, ignored and neglected now ?

Why is he neither desired nor expected now ?

Why are his ideas set aside and rejected now ?

Why are expenses of medicine affected now ?

Why is he not being invited to be reacted now ?

If he does wrong , why is he not corrected now ?

He cared all but why is he not respected now ?

He had full faith in all why is he suspected now ?

He advised everyone but why is he directed now ?

He was agreed to all but why is he objected now ?

He saved  all but why is not being protected now ?

He united all but why is he not connected now ?

What is life

What is life to work, earn and eat ?

What is life to love, hate and cheat ?

What is life to type, save and delete ?

What is life to go, come and meet ?

What is life to taste sour, bitter & sweet ?

What is life to feel warm, cold and heat ?

What is life to sleep, stand and seat ?

What is life to quarrel, fight and beat ?

What is life to dust, clean and neat ?

What is life to grow plants, rice and wheat  ?

World is a nest in which
we work and rest

Among all planets it is the best for a guest

It is to break and make , it runs on give and take

It is just like a sour cake  put on fire to bake

It is full of fears which cause to shed our tears

 Here, we are  cheated  by our near and dears

It is full of joys with which we jump like toys

World is full of why  for children, old and boys

It inspires us to achieve which we can not believe

All run one after another to receive and deceive

Millions and millions took birth to rule over earth

Our life is worth but not enjoying due to dearth

Who cares ?

 Who cares when  in biting cold and scorching heat poor people are living in the broken shed

With  unending  starvation their naked children are weeping and crying for a piece of bread

Who cares when the well talented  poor children  are at work in factories  but not in schools

Instead of reading  books and writing note books , they are mending faults with repairing tools

Who cares when the Ph.D.  holders and well educated  are dreaming for petty jobs

Out of frustration  and depression of being unemployed they join the unruly mobs

Who cares when the innocent and implicated poor  people are  being thrown into the jail

whereas  top most criminals having hand in glove with government are  granted  the bail

Who cares when poor patients are dying without  proper treatment  and medical care

 but ministers and their henchmen  are travelling  in  airplanes without paying any  fare

Who  cares  when aged parents are  thrown  out of their own built homes and denied food  

and they  are  living on the mercy of others  and take breathe as per their children’s mood

Who cares when good  educational institutions are out of  poor children’s reach

They are searching their future on garbage heap rather than enjoying sea beach

Who cares  when due to shortage of money poor students can not succeed

Only with  the power of money the children of rich dominate and take lead

Who cares when the people are humiliated  everywhere on the basis of their caste , color and creed

How much they have to suffer generation to generation none bothers and likes to pay no any heed

I will be the luckiest person on  this earth if these discriminations  are eradicated before  my end

 At least I must  care these  people  , since  many ages, who are quite helpless before this bad trend

BY Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

Founder & acting chairman

UPS Talwandi Sabo (Bathinda)