Universal School is a versatile  house full of academic and co-curricular activities . When there is an academic session it appears a pin-drop silence all around . All students as well teachers focus on the teaching and learning process with full interest and complete concentration .To ease the unwanted burden upon the delicate minds of the students, teachers give them  short type written tests in routine to ensure the final exams’ preparation in the beginning of the new session. Such tests are counter checked by the section in-charges and even acknowledged by the parents of the students. UPS teaching faculty and learning students become used to  such daily routine  that they take and give the tests as their regular source  to garner knowledge more and more .

UPS management does its best to keep away the  students  from the boredom of regular study periods , an activity period is also adjusted in the morning in which maximum number of students take part in  the various artistic activities like Bhangra, Gidhha , Folk dance of various states, painting ,  Choreographies , Marshal Arts, Skits, Stage performers etc . At that time UPS  appears a centre of cultural activities . In this way ,our system strives to kill two birds with one stone .Firstly our students are provided entertaining opportunities in the starting of the day , secondly they are prepared for the annual  function ‘Humble Show’ which is the star attraction activity of the school celebrated every year. The school students are motivated to perform the social services through NSS . Moreover tour programme is also organised . Our students have already  enjoyed the tour of  Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Mussurie , Manikaran & Science city Jalandhar  along with religious places .