UPS Administrator 

UPS administration works as  an energetic team  to redress the grievances of parents amicably and  cooperatively  . The primary responsibility and accountability of administration is to address the problems if any,  being faced by students and their parents at any level. Right from the security men and peons to the top level, all are on their toes to function the system without any flaw & obstacle. Academic system is lead  & commanded by the Primary , Middle, High & Senior Secondary in-charges who do not leave any stone  unturned to serve the proper educational purpose by all possible ways. A well planned strategy is planned for the fool proof security of the campus. The main purpose of the administration is to ensure the satisfaction of the parents by all means and it feels pleasure to serve the society  according to the expectations of the parents. A heedful care is applied to ascertain not to cause any inconvenience to anybody  and top priority is given to make the whole system parents friendly but not at the risk of the lives of the students. The duties of Main gateman , receptionist ,clerk, accountant, coordinator, vans supervisor, section-in-charges, Vice-Principal,  Principal  & even Chairman to make it certain if the whole system is being run in the favour of students and their parents . An utmost care is taken  in the every nook  and corner of the school by all means