All types of various  activities like educational, cultural, religious, social, competitive, GK, Debates, Brainy exercises are conducted in our UPS. According to the interest, desire and taste of the students they are invited to perform under the dynamic guidance of their teachers . Regular preparation of such activities  are the order of the day. Even the coaches, choreographers and experts are hired to support the passion of the students. The desirous players are also given platform to show the sportsmanship under the coaching of relevant games. The students are enthused with qualities of  proper leadership and  very good command & control. All students are always ready to assist the teachers to maintain the discipline of the school . The morning prayer, after and closing time prayer is handled by the students . They are made responsible and law-abiding citizens of the country. Our students participate in the religious procession on the eve of the most important days of the year. UPS Band is also star attraction performance on such occasions. The best performers during the year are selected to perform in annual function popular as ‘HUMBLE SHOW’. Our system is the hard-earned outcome of more than two decades. Mostly the props and required accessories used by the students during main functions have been either  arranged or purchased by the school itself. Our UPS is different from other just because of its memorable activities demonstrated during the year. Talent Hunt, Inter-House, Debate, Co-curricular activities , Octo-Fest, GK Competition , Super-Brainy, Sports & Children Day, Teacher Day, Lohri celebrations  and Annual Function are the main activities and competitions in which all teachers and students participate actively and show their worth to prove their mettle.