A word about 'UPS'

              Universal Public Sr. Sec. School Talwandi Sabo District Bathinda (Punjab) was established in 1999 with the grace of Tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji who had spent about  nine months at Talwandi Sabo known as Damdama Sahib, one of five takhats of Sikh community. It is the common saying of the people of this area that a person who does his duty honestly and diligently by keeping in the view to serve people , surely that person will  progress by leaps and bounds as it is the holy place blessed by tenth master of Sikhs. Really it came true in our life. This institution was started in two – room rented building. Due to heartfelt dedication, now it has become the most favorite CBSE (New Delhi) English – medium institution of the area. It is being run with deep passion and responsible attitude. Round the clock efforts are being made to realize the dreams of the parents and the students. The main stress is laid upon the all round development of the students. All teachers teach her with missionary, spirit. Every possible opportunity is being provided to the student to expose his/her maximum hidden talent. All rules & regulations are framed to ensure the safe and secure future of its students. Here , hard – work instead of money matters to much extent.  Now, this school is offering regular Medical, Non – Medical  & Arts streams.

This institution has achieved extra-ordinary in academic, co-curricular activities and sports fields at Punjab level. Mostly the students hail from the rural area sans parents educational background. Even though they speak English fluently. All possible opportunities for maximum exposure of the students are provided  with nominal fees . This institution is reputed to be the cheapest English Medium school of the area.

From right from school Chairman , principal to last teacher, all feel much contentment to teach the students attending maximum number of periods . Least to say,  it is the most revered  and and heart-touching place for all teachers and students. What is the real progress and performance of this school  that can be confirmed and certified by the students and their parents because self praise , no recommendation .

We assure that we will serve this temple of learning with full dedication, devotion and determination to serve the noble cause of society