UPS Chairman's Proverbial Message

The Proverbial Message by UPS Chairman “The pen is mightier than sword” I  am feeling pleasure for launching the website of UPS. It is proverbial  saying  that a drop of ink makes millions to think and a picture can paint thousand words. Our UPS students must avail every opportunity  because opportunity   seldom knocks twice  and a miss is as good as a mile. If they want to succeed then all roads lead to Rome but it is certain that Rome was not  built in a day. All good things come to those who wait but first  step is the hardest. The UPS students should strive  to learn for maximum schooling education  whereas a little knowledge is a dangerous thing . It is said that time is money and a stitch in time saves nine so  we should not put off till tomorrow what we can do today. Advisers run no risks  so it is easy to advise  but advise is cheap. Sometimes advise is least headed when most needed. The teachers appear  cruel  yet they are kind and they believe  a word to the wise is enough. Our students  must  record astonishing results  in their life otherwise all cats are grey in the dark. My students should  prioritize good name which is better than good face. All know that all glitters is not gold  but a good mind possesses a kingdom and memory is the treasure of mind.  It is my humble advise to my staff and students that never say die . never trouble troubles until trouble troubles you  and they should keep in mind that ninety percent of inspiration is perspiration. It is hard fact that cheaters never prosper  . As we sow so shall we reap . One must be optimistic during the  repeated failures  because failure teaches success . Moreover every cloud has a silver lining.  We should not judge a book by its cover  but virtue is its reward. Our life should be full of humbleness and politeness as  loaded wagon makes no noise. On the contrary an empty vessel makes much noise but a wise head keeps a still tongue. Never do the things by  halves , have faith every little helps. It  is right that will is not skill but willing to work is skill. On the other hand when we shirk work then we are our own worst enemy. It is  hard truth that an idle brain is the workshop of devil  , early to bed early to rise makes man a healthy, wealthy and wise and an early bird always catches the worm.  None can deny that young idlers old beggars, easy come easy go but actions speak louder than words and  we should know no rose without thorns. It is reality of materialistic world that an empty purse frightens away the friends  hence one should be financially strong. We should  be nimble  hearted   because it is better to bend than break so  it is better  be safe than  sorry.   We should  do the best and ready for the worst .  My students must face big challenges because a calm sea  never makes a skilled sailor.. An ant may well destroy a whole dam  likewise a good beginning  makes a good ending. If we think any time it means no time. So my dear  young readers  enrich your life with excellent  workaholic  experience , no doubt, experience is the best teacher. I congratulate to each and every one who has become the part and parcel of UPS website which is uploaded and designed by the UPS ex student Baljit Singh Sidhu. I wish all the best to  my UPS family ensuring  with full moral assistance.
Sukhchain Singh Sidhu
MA (English,Hindi, Pol. Sci.,Public Administration,Philosophy, Sociology), B.Ed