Sahibzada Fateh Singh House



An extra-ordinary performance of the House

This is the beginning of the cut-throat competition of our life 

Madam Karamjit Kaur Jassal

House in-charge

Lovepreet Singh

House Captain

Kamaljit Kaur Godhara

House Mistress

About Sahibzada Fateh Singh House

Our house is named after Sahibzada Fateh Singh who was the younger son of Guru Gobind Singh ji, the tenth guru of Sikhs. The beloved younger son namely Fateh Singh of Guru Gobind Singh was bricked alive in the wall of Sirhind by the then Subedar. Our earlier house in-charge is changed by new house incharge Madam Karamjit Kaur. Her command and control over the house is commendable. Our house students have a great passion to face the various competitions conducted by the school at the regular intervals. We can enhance our General Knowledge  based on history, Science, Current affairs, political, social , philosophical, spiritual and religious at country and even at world level. Mostly after one and two  months , the co-curricular activities are held in our school. We do our best to play the leading role in such competitions . Our house takes the responsibility willingly to manage the competitions. The UPS Head Boy Lovedeep Singh of 10+2 (Non-Medical) belongs to our house who is ever ready to keep an eagle eye to maintain the discipline of the school. It is matter of proud for our house that Prabhjot Kaur of 10+2 (Non-Medical) has been declared the ‘UPS Super-Brainy’-2018 . She has won  the great title of Super-Brainy  out of a cut throat and the toughest competition held among all houses. Our house is giving an edge to the rival houses in all competitions . The students of our house are always found alert and vigilant while performing the assigned duties in every nook and corner of the school campus. We are putting  our sincerest effort to win the title of the UPS Best House. We are thankful to the school management and teaching faculty who are creating a sense of leadership among us at the school level. We are fortunate enough having been associated with this good school. We promise that we shall never show our back to our school administration to keep the high moral values for which this school is known .

Our House Achievements