Who is Good , everybody Knows

A good PM is that who  always wishes to meet  his  all people as a common man

Ignoring the policies of vote bank he does his best  for poor and poor are his fan.

A  good doctor is that who  is the most  satisfied  to  kill the  ills with cheap pills

He is more worried about patient’s life  than money and  unwanted  heavy bills

A good teacher not only covers  syllabus of students  but also inspires and guides

Changing   the mind- set of his student into a  good human being  he feels prides

A  good lawyer is that  who defends & argues for his client  only with solid proof

To ensure the  justice as the best counsel he takes care to protect his house’s roof

A good Judge is that who punishes the guilty, culprit and rapist with an iron hand

Justice  should be so  early but  free and fair  that public should respect rule of land

A   good priest is that who  is above  from fury, greed, proud  and free from all vices

Sometimes his followers’ faith is shaken when they see  him a slave of his choices

A good engineer is that whose techniques are best, latest, most reliable and cheap

His projects should be value based which can be more useful  to laugh than to weep

A good scientist is that who invents such device with which poverty can be controlled

Due to the dangerous inventions  of  scientists man is feeling  timidity rather to be bold

A soldier is that who is ready to sacrifice his life  for the sake of  his country and duty

His countrymen feel safe and secure  as none can touch his country’s ever last beauty

If I were a good teacher  I could have been respected and favored by my students more

I must become a such teacher whose period should be worth for learning ,not to feel bore