Universal Public Sr. Sec. School

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Talwandi Sabo (Bathinda) Punjab-INDIA


only on dedication,

devotion & determination

A Word About 'UPS'

              Universal Public Sr. Sec. School Talwandi Sabo District Bathinda (Punjab) was established in 1999 with the grace of Tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji who had spent about  nine months at Talwandi Sabo known as Damdama Sahib, one of five takhats of Sikh community. It is the common saying of the people of this area that a person who does his duty honestly and diligently by keeping in the view to serve people , surely that person will  progress by leaps and bounds as it is the holy place blessed by tenth master of Sikhs. Really it came true in our life. This institution was started in two – room rented building. Due to heartfelt dedication, now it has become the most favourite CBSE (New Delhi) English – medium institution of the area. It is being run with deep passion and responsible attitude. Round the clock efforts are being made to realize the dreams of the parents and the students. The main stress is laid upon the all round development of the students. Learn more =>

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Quote by Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

A well-developed person should be like a well-grown tree which provides shadow, shelter, oxygen and fruits to birds, animals and people without any bi...

Quote by Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

Never let our anger be our boss which can put our social security and mental stability at loss...

Quote by Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

Every morning is an another opportunity to do better , if you did the best the previous day it doesn’t matter ...

If education is expensive

Try ignorance

  •  Ignorance is more harmful than an expensive education.
  • An education transforms a man into a big encyclopedia.
  • Its roots can be bitter but its fruit is sweet & delicious.
  • Value based education is a sign of developing society.
  • A true education can be a real progress of the country.
  • A well educated family means  the well settled family.
  • An educated man can enlightens the minds of millions.
  •  Learning strengthens the mental ability in abundance.
  •  Education not provides but produces employment also.
  • Education eradicates evils, poverty and discrimination.

'UPS' Thoughts

  • Ignorance is more harmful than an expensive education.
  • An education transforms a man into a big encyclopedia.
  • Its roots can be bitter but its fruit is sweet & delicious.
  • Value based education is a sign of developing society.
  • A true education can be a real progress of the country.
  • A well educated family means  the well settled family.
  •  An educated man can enlightens the minds of millions.
  • Learning strengthens the mental ability in abundance.
  • Education not provides but produces employment also.
  • Education eradicates evils, poverty and discrimination .


The UPS Management, teachers and parents can do the best togetherly

  • Providing a congenial environment at home & in a school.
  • Solving  the problems of students amicably & courteously.
  • Becoming  the best link for students’ healthy development.
  • Encouraging & motivating the students instead of pressure.
  • Recognizing their  talent & providing them a good platform.
  • By cutting the wild shoots of  students like a good gardener .
  • By providing a tense free environment at home & in school.
  • Transforming  them into responsible & respectable citizens.
  • Cautioning  them against the evils, short-cuts & false show.
  •  Realizing  students’ limitations instead of over expectations.


Manjeet Kaur Sidhu Principal

MA(Pbi,Hindi,History, Pol. Sci.,Philosophy, Sociology), M.Ed

Sukhchain Singh Sidhu Chairman

MA (English,Hindi, Pol. Sci.,Public Administration,Philosophy, Sociology), B.Ed

Dr. Lakhwinder Kaur Sidhu Vice Principal

Ph.D,M.Phil (Zoology) Gold Medalist, PGDCA, B.Ed, CCF

Being a Chairman of this institution it is my primary responsibility to provide the classic facilities with the least fee structure and desirable salaries of the worthy teachers

Sukhchain Singh Sidhu


In the capacity of UPS Principal I should be adhere to the all round development of the students with the warm cooperation of the teachers to fulfill the dreams of the parents of my students

Manjeet Kaur Sidhu


Being a Vice-Principal of UPS I am the strongest link in between the school management, Principal and teachers and students to ensure the desired progress of the school .

Dr. Lakhwinder Kaur Sidhu


Our Sweet Memories

Good discipline is the sign of progress

School days are the sweetest and the most memorable

We feel proud of them

+2 Medical

Annual Journal 'Sunrise-2017-18'

Magazine 2011-12

I feel immense pleasure on the Vth publication of our institution annual Journal ‘Sunrise’which is proving blessings in disguise for the most junior writers. It is only the alma mater which can provide its students to excel in their life as a writer or a journalist. If the student is given the suitable platform to have confidence at the school level, no doubt, he or she will not have to feel small in his/her life to come. Every student can be a man of letter provided he or she should be granted every opportunity to show his maximum optimum. All the students are quick of their wit if the brain exercise goes on continuously without any stoppage . I think, delays are dangerous and harmful, maximum number of students should be adapted to the versatile situations well in time………….

Magazine ‘SUNRISE’ 2012-13

I am much delighted to be a part of ‘UPS’ sixth issue of annual journal ‘Sunrise’.A magazine that has stood true to its shining in all its dimensions and attributes. I appreciate the entire talented ‘Sunrise Family’ for highlighting to the core values of the magazine to be a true mouthpiece of the creative minds and pious aspirations of the children .I admire the originality of the thoughts of the tender minds which have been presented in the magazine without galvanizing to make it look like more glamorous and dazzling .The year bygone has been memorable year of achievements which witnessed new heights beings scaled by ‘UPS’ in both academic and extra co-curricular activities .The all round development of the school is a testimony of the sincere approach , tireless efforts and hard work displayed by the entire team under the able leadership of Principal Manjeet Kaur sidhu………….

Magazine ‘SUNRISE’ 2014-15

I am much elated on the 8th publication of ‘UPS’ annual journal ‘Sunrise’ The ‘UPS’ family iis marching ahead with the successful pace towards its ultimate educational goal which is very far away but not beyond the reach. If I say that I shall make the future of my students safe and secure , as a matter of fact, it is very easy to say so but very challengeable . It satisfies me a lot when I watch the desire progress and success of the students. Which is the best source of encouragement for me. UPS is peculiar in its existence because it is very good learning centre even for the teachers also. All the students are granted all possible opportunities to make their all round development. To join as junior writers in an annual magazine is also befitting platform for them. A new block for middle section along with spacious hall has been constructed this year

Magazine 2015-16

I am feeling pleasure and satisfaction on the 9th publication of UPS annual journal’ Sunrise’. Fortunately UPS innocent young writers possess an artistic genius. It is proverbial saying that a drop of ink makes millions to think and a picture can paint a thousand words. . Our students must avail opportunity because opportunity seldom knocks twice and miss is as good as a mile. If they want to success then all roads lead to Rome but it is certain that Rome was not built in a day. All good things come to those who wait but first step is the hardest. The UPS students should strive to learn for maximum schooling education whereas a little knowledge is a dangerous thing .It is said that time is money and a stitch in time saves nine so we should not put the work off till tomorrow what we can do today. Advisers run no risks so it is very easy to advise but advice is cheap . Sometimes advice is least headed when most needed. The teachers appear cruel yet they are kind and they believe a word to the wise is enough.. Our students must record astonishing results in their life otherwise all cats are grey in the dark……..

Magazine ‘SUNRISE’ 2016-17

I am feeling much delighted to be an integral part of ‘UPS Family’ which has been putting its tireless efforts to ensure the all round development of its students since last more than two decades . Our dedication, devotion and determination fit suitable to ‘Educate, Empowerand Enlighten’ to our students. The school had the humble beginning with the two room rented building . Now this school is accepted and appreciated by the respected community of Talwandi Sabo (Bathinda) We didn’t know how all it happened but we know it very well that all it has happened due to our commitment, hard-work and emotional attachment with our students whose parents made this institution financially strong and encouraged us endorsing our answerable responsibility. No doubt , success is enjoyed by those who work hard in right direction with serviceable passion and do not see back resting on past laurels…

Magazine ‘SUNRISE’ 2017-18

I am elated immensely on the publication of UPS’ 11th edition of annual journal ‘Sunrise’. To remind the school memories , Sunrise would be the most prized possession for UPS students even in the any later stage of their life. The entire editorial team deserves the applauding compliments for making the publication of ‘Sunrise’ possible well-in-time. The relentless efforts of the concerned teachers and the students throughout the year have accomplished the ardous and strenuous task . Universal Public senior Secondary School enjoys every possible moment to shape the destiny of its students with passionate and missionary spirit incorporated into the all round development from one to all. I envisage to inculcate such academic excellence among my students which should be embedded with ethical, social and moral values…


The disciplined environment combined with academics & variant extra curricular activities laid strong foundation for my journey of Jasmeet Singh to Dr Jasmeet Singh . M thankful to my teachers for what i achieved ......
Dr. Jasmeet Singh Maan
Achievements:- AIPMT ...All India Rank 341 ................................................. Punjab Civil Medical Services (PCMS) for Medical Officer Rank #1
I feel proud to be an ex student of this great institution . I completed my schooling education here in 2010 and I can still feel the freshness of discipline and punctuality which I learnt from this school during the period of eight years. Keeping discipline in mind, UPS has been working to achieve some of moral values which our young generation students are lacking . I learnt here not only how to be in academic competition but also in extra-co-curricular activities. Being in rural area, this school is making it sincerest efforts to provide all those facilities which are supposed to be . I believe that a thin line demarcates a good school from great school and surely my school is crossing that line positively, UPS gave me a platform to work on each and every sector when I was growing . I am very thankful to the faculty of UPS, which provided me not only subjective knowledge but also made me a firm challenger . I qualified NEET-2013 and got admission in Medical College and I always remained among the toppers with distinction in Bio-Chemistry in the university. I hope that UPS will keep on rocking like this.
Dr.Parneet Sidhu
Yograjdeep Singh, who received his primary education at Universal Public School, has been a brilliant scholar, great sportsman & talented musician. Coming from a humble family background, Yograj was always focused on keeping a good balance between academic & extra-curricular activities. With an interest in contributing towards agriculture sector in India, he joined the renowned Punjab Agricultural University to do Bachelors in agricultural sciences with specialization in Plant Breeding & Genetics. Right after graduation, he succeeded in cracking CAT, 2015 & joined the prestigious; Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad to do his Masters in Business Administration. Apart from the stellar academic profile, he is a national level volleyball player having bagged two national inter-university gold medals during his graduation. Having an inclination for music, he also represented his alma maters on various state level & national level platforms. He has been a part of several reality shows like India's got talent as a vocalist & guitarist.
Yograjdeep Singh Brar
Yograjdeep Singh Coordinator- Music Club, IIM A Member- Sports Committee Member- TRBS (Logistics) Member- Chaos (Informal-PGP-FABM, Class of 2018, IIM-Ahmedabad B.Sc Hons. (Agriculture), Class of 2016, PAU Ludhiana
An educational impeccable foundation of all round development was laid in Universal Public Sr School Talwandi Sabo (Bathinda). After 10+2 (Non-Medical) I cracked the Indian prestigious test IIT(JEE) in 2013 and secured admission in IIT (ISM) in Dhanbad (Jhharkhand)-India . Having been successful with good academic record and internship from Uttah (America) I was granted admission pursuing MS (Mineralogy & Metallurgy ) Colorado School of Mines (CSM) America one of the top Universities of Mines of world with full scholarship. I achieved 4/4 GPA with the accomplishment one of the most difficult project. I wish and pray that my alma mater should progress by leaps and bounds.
Er Partaksh Sidhu


The school namely Universal means symbolizing universality  was started in the two room rented building in 1995 with the enrollment of about 56 students . After two years the school was shifted in about four room rented building . Due to dedication and responsible commitment towards the students, the strength went on increasing .We had to shift school further in the big building on Bathinda Road near IFFCO . Owing to  heartfelt perpetual mental labour , the number of students was going to increase  year after year..The strength of students had crossed to 500 there. As a matter of fact, to run the school with such strength was not safe and secure there due to traffic hazards and commercial shops. Then we applied for bank loan of about three lacs and purchased a piece of land of four kanals near Kothi Wala Rah. About 15 rooms were constructed on the same land and finally the school was shifted in its own independent building in 2002,The strength of students shoot to more than 1000 there .The school management had maintained the prudent balance of enhancing the staff salaries, providing the classic facilities to the students  and also purchasing the land piece by piece for further extension of building year after year.The school had earned a very good reputation in the co-curricular activities competitions at district, zonal and even at State level.  Moreover  the school achieved  extra-ordinary results in the board classes at district and even also at Punjab level.In the beginning the school got an affiliation of Punjab School Education Board, Mohali but now school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. In a nutshell, the School Chairman and Principal improved their own academic qualification to six post-graduations along with professional qualification. While they were struggling to establish the institution they were also improving their own education and tutoring the students privately to make their both ends meet.The Vice-Principal is a Ph.D,M.Phil (Zoology), PGDCA, B.Ed,CCF. It is worth for mention that the trio improved their academic qualification after their respective marriages.Now the school has become one of the most trusted and tested of the area of Talwandi Sabo (Bathinda)-Punjab.The school campus is spread in more than two acres near the main bus stand of Talwandi Sabo having a strength of more than 2100 students . It has a splendid building fully equipped with CCTVs and installation of  sound system . The school Chairman teach English to all teachers and students on mike for 7-8 minutes daily. Handsome salaries are being paid to diligent teachers who are doing their level best to ensure the future of the students safe and secure. Humble Show & annual Prize Distribution Function’ has been celebrated since last more than 15 years in which now more than 1000 students participate actively in various cultural, religious and academic activities etc. All participants are encouraged and honoured with catchy prizes. The school has its own School Band, Musical instruments, Sikh Marshal Arts equipment etc to help the students to expose their hidden talent. Our school has produced IItian, Engineers, Doctors. Lawyers and teachers etc who are adding the feather in its cap by showing their extra-ordinary performance in govt. and private sectors.Luckily the school management is working round the clock and playing an active role to secure the UPS staff and students with full dedication, devotion and determination. Top class education comprised with high moral values is being imparted to the students who come from the rural and educationally backward families .The special stress is laid upon the all round development of each and every students .The filtered and chilled water is accessible to all students  in every block of the school. Special gen set is installed to ensure the all day power back up. All possible efforts are exercised to promote the students  of this area with value based education by dint of hard work. In a sentence, the dream of the school management is that what we can not become in our life but we can make so our students providing them what we can not have. 


Universal Public Senior Secondary School

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