Universal Public Sr Sec School

Talwandi Sabo,Bathinda (PB) INDIA-151302

Committed to educating and nurturing all students so they may grow towards responsible global citizenship.

Together We Achieve The Extraordinary

Universal Public Sr Sec School

Talwandi Sabo,Bathinda (PB) INDIA-151302

Together we create a loving community of purposeful learning that focuses on the whole child; body, mind, and spirit.

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A hardworking man has no any time to make an excuse that an idle is ready to refuse

The person who is strong physically must control over his anger and the person who is strong mentally must control over his endless desires.

“When we are ready to face the problems wisely, the solutions are automatically on the way”

No any achievements can be better and bigger than mental satisfaction & peace of mind.

Easier to grudge than to judge

Even the life just full of joys can also be the boring and unpleasant so never run after the comforts of life only.

The tough time of today take us towards tactful training of tomorrow

The bright and brilliant brains do not bank on the borders and boundaries of the bondation.

A significant success can be searched through the sensible struggle of smiles and sorrows without any security of sympathy

The good and great guest is always grateful, graceful and gentle.

An able aspirant’s action is always absolute accessible, acquirable & achievable with adequate available advancement anyway and anyhow.

The brave neither boasts nor bows and bends The brilliant neither blames nor bothers

The difficulties, dangers ,defeats, depressions, disappointments , desperation, dejection , damages ,destruction, dependence ,disputes, detrimental , deterioration and delays can never dominate over determined , devoted , dedicated person.

An educational establishment should ensure and exhibit its excellence not in the examinations of written exercises only but should enable its students, teachers and employees to be enough efficient effectively and energetically .It should always endeavor to envisage its earnest and enormous efforts especially executing and exchanging eager and essential enjoyment and entertainment of each & everyone enthusiastically with endless entertainment full of ease & encouragement.

A Father in a family is a favorable factory and flowing firm of first-rate finance to give the flights of fancy to his children with fresh fragrance and flavor of fantastic fresh flowers and feed them with fellow feelings with flexible face.

Generally the grandchildren are grown, greeted and guarded gradually by the good guidance and glorification of their great grandparents who give them global grand gift of blessings granting green garden of glee guild with grace of God.

The Head of the home is an honorable who acts as a great hero when he/she handles the household hardship and routine hazards with much hard-hitting headache under high pressure . He/she heals house budget of ill-health with honesty & humbleness and always is ready to help all, moreover hopes for a heaven out of a hell.

I wish that UPS should be an ideal institution of such intellectual students who can initiate the innermost inputs to introduce outermost outputs with an indelible impact and impression independently . Their individual intelligence should be an incessant investment to make impossible to possible even at international level. Their innocent imagination may be important and impeccable information to influence the world on internet .

The jibe of jealous minded people always jeopardizes the jest, joys, jaunts , jubilation of the jovial, jocular and jolly people .

The most mesmerized moments of our mother’s meetings with us are much memorable. She is a master and mentor of our meddling mind who can measure our mood and movements in a mysterious methods.. She is always merciful, manages meal and milk for us and makes us mature by mitigating our many minor and major mistakes and mischief . Really our mother is real substitute of God

A knowledge is a kingdom of keenness and kindness which kindles the human ken and knack to overcome the knotty complications caused by the kings of knaves .

The logical latest lesson of lively life is learnt in the little or large library and laboratory of the lovely, laborious and lenient people who have lackluster liaison with loyalty full of laughter and liability of less or more literacy.

The neat nature is the nicest nest and noble nestle which nurtures and nourishes every novice with nimble notions of nectar without nuisance of negligence. It nullifies the nefarious and notorious network of the negativity , It necessitates to normalize the nursery of the all nations of world

An opportunist and optimistic are quite opposite to each other. The optimistic is an omniscient and outspoken can easily operate the organisation with full onus to obtain the original objectives and outwit any obstacle comes in the way. His opinions are not ordinary only but are overwhelming. On the other hand, an opportunist is outrageous and over jealous is unable to overcome the ordeals and offers to society nothing at all.

The priorities and preferences of the principled parents are to protect their pretty prince and princess means their children from primary pains and panics and pass over positive and permanent pleasures perpetually , patiently, persistently and passionately preparing them for peaceful progress and promotions . They play their possible parts to provide them particular platform to purify them like a plant having pink petals full of perfect perfume to become prudent personalities .

The quacks who are not qualified , qualitative and quantitative doctors are always in quest of quite ill-medical practice which makes the patients qualm, queasy and quiver not quelling and quashing their ills but putting them in a along queue of permanent quiet clients

The real relation among the human being is the rarest. We should realize its reliability, relevance, recognition and requirement. It can not be reversed, restored , renewed, reformed, registered, regularized, recycled, recorded , regenerate , revive , rekindle and recovered again & again. It recreates, refreshes, relaxes,rejuvenates , refines, reminds, relieves our mind and mood by redressing our remorse, repents, regrets,refusals and remains and retains same with due respect and regards.

The students who are sincere and serious in the strict schedule of study in their school today can be senators, scholars,scientists, singers, super stars, super soldiers, speakers, statesmen, sportsmen, surgeons or any successful and sensible servicemen of tomorrow in the society having splendid and superior status and standard. They always seek to search special skills strengthening sundry situations and subduing sorrows with sound and strong stamina . Only the school with supernatural and serenity surroundings can support its students to be stoic, satisfied, spectator simultaneously.

The urgent unison efforts of Universal Public Sr Sec School’s unparalleled , unrelented , unfaltered, unyielded , unwavered teachers can up-bring and uphold their students successfully and lift them up from unprincipled ideas, unbiased decisions, unwitty remarks, unwielding speed, untenable attacks, unspecified destinations , unhappiness moments , uncouth mind, ulterior motives , unbridled ambitions , unapproachable pursuits, unruly and unsavory desires and unusual actions. The teachers and students can ensure unambiguous and undaunted target unanimously

The person who pretends to be a friend of all, in real he is a friend of none

The limitless lust of power & progress snatches peace of mind permanently

A sense of responsibility ensures and secures our survival, success, stability & self-satisfaction

When negative and pessimistic thoughts dominate our sensible mind , at the same time the beautiful moments of our charming life move far away so let us always be optimistic even during the worst situations .

A cyclist has to apply much force pedaling a cycle with great difficulty to reach on the large bridge but the applied force is converted into comfort on the slope of same bridge so hardships always pay back even to poor in form of hit & fit body if not richness.

The progress at the cost of health may bring a lot of wealth but the physical and mental sickness is the biggest obstacle to enjoy such progress

Achieve something privately that should become everything publicly.

Good actions after full corrections return back with better reflections leaving the best attractions along with due collections

Try to make others happy, if you can not, at least, be happy at their happiness

We cheat ourselves too when we try to pretend what we are not in real

What the innermost joy and mental satisfaction is in the lap of mother and nature can be felt nowhere

Ill-will demotes but will-power promotes

More than 50 % success lies in timely action and determined movements

Always feel proud and satisfaction with your sincere efforts instead of feeling humiliation at your failures which are not permanent .

Joys and money earned through the sorrows of suffering people are always silent sighs

Spread smiles all around Try to avoid to be frowned Smiles cost neither a dollar nor a pound They make us happy in the sky or on the ground They make our heart health and sound Everywhere without any price joys can be found

The work done with passion, priority and punctuality is a sign of power and progress

All nations should secure the smiles of their tiny-tots’ innocent faces


The joys are turned into sadness and dreams become nightmare when we work unwillingly

Everyone is bound to take permanent rest at last, before that all are free to work-hard and enjoy with temporary rest

We make our life the most complicated by the way of superior and inferior complex, both torture us mentally

Every morning is an another opportunity to do better , if you did the best the previous day it doesn’t matter

Never let our anger be our boss which can put our social security and mental stability at loss

A well-developed person should be like a well-grown tree which provides shadow, shelter, oxygen and fruits to birds, animals and people without any bias

Each student,
future prepared


An Education for the Future.

Day Boarding

Safe Environment


"The pen is mightier than sword"

Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

MA (English,Hindi, Pol. Sci.,Public Administration,Philosophy, Sociology), B.Ed

Education is such endless treasure which promotes the whole universe

Manjeet Kaur Sidhu

M.A (History, Pol.Sci., Hindi, Philosophy, Sociology, Pbi.) ,M.Ed

The best way to serve the society is to educate the generations passionately

Dr Lakhwinder Kaur Sidhu
Vice Principal

Ph.D,M.Phil (Zoology) Gold Medalist,CCF, PGDCA, B.Ed

Chairman's morning educational breakfast for his UPS Family just after prayer



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From Management Desk

We are the UPS family members in an educational field. We all together endeavor to support one another in the form of  school management, Administrative staff, teachers , students as well their respectable parents. Our main motive is to produce the responsible society to serve our nation with the desired progress of our country in all fields without any bias and discrimination.

Sukhchain Singh Sidhu

The Proverbial Message by UPS Chairman “The pen is mightier than sword” I  am feeling pleasure for launching the website of UPS. It is proverbial  saying  that a drop of ink makes millions to think and a picture can paint thousand words. Our UPS students must avail every opportunity  because opportunity   seldom knocks twice  and a miss is as good as a mile. If they want to succeed then all roads lead to Rome but it is certain that Rome was not  built in a day. All good things come to those who wait but first  step is the hardest. The UPS students should strive  to learn for maximum schooling education  whereas a little knowledge is a dangerous thing .learn more>>

Manjeet Kaur Sidhu

Since the beginning of the school, I have been actively associated with ‘UPS’ from the laying of the foundation to its grown up stage. Being a head of this school from the starting I have also watched the developing stage of students from their Nursery class to 10+2 standard. Now my students, teachers and parents have become a part and parcel of each other’s life. Fortunately I have acted more as a teacher than a principal. I take much enjoyment teaching, motivating and guiding my students. Being a passionate in dancing and choreography I provide a befitting platform of appropriate opportunities to the maximum number of students to expose their hidden talent on the stage during annual function.learn more>>

Dr. Lakhwinder Kaur Sidhu

I am feeling so much grateful to school management for giving me an ample opportunity to convey message as a vice principal of this prestigious institution. This institute has made progress by leaps and bounds for last two decades. This institute is fully committed to ascertain the overall development of the students of this area. We envisage to provide possible befitting platform for students to shine in each and every field of education. We have worked hard so much to give fruitful results.The desired results have been made possible due to diligent staff members of institute.learn more>>

Practice makes perfect

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. This is why we’ve set a playground area that’s full of hours of exercises, questions and challenges. It even has a gaming section. 

Best facilities

Today is an era of mordernisation requiired latest techniques. The UPS management is adhere to provide the best possible facilities without putting the monetary burden upon the parents.

If education is expensive
Try Ignorance

  •  Ignorance is more harmful than an expensive education.
  • An education transforms a man into a big encyclopedia.
  • Its roots can be bitter but its fruit is sweet & delicious.
  • Value based education is a sign of developing society.
  • A true education can be a real progress of the country.
  • A well educated family means  the well settled family.
  • An educated man can enlighten the minds of millions.
  •  Learning strengthens the mental ability in abundance.
  •  Education not provides but produces employment also.
  • Education eradicates evils, poverty and discrimination.

'UPS Thoughts'

  • *Death is certain before that earn a good reputation.
    *Register your name in the good book of good people.
    *Behave everyone as you are an integral part of his life.
    *High temper and irritation kill positive sense of mind .
    *Life without struggle is like a rose without sweet smell.
    *Enjoy your life among poor rather than arrogant ones .
    *If we don’t cheat our conscience we are cheating none.
    *Good character shows better image than higher status.
    *Never boast, let the people speak about your personality.
    *Acknowledge positively about your competitors’ progress.
    Sukhchain Singh Sidhu, UPS, Chairman

Mutual Understanding lays Good Foundation

The UPS Management, teachers and parents can do the best togetherly.

  • Providing a congenial environment at home & in a school.
  • Solving  the problems of students amicably & courteously.
  • Becoming  the best link for students’ healthy development.
  • Encouraging & motivating the students instead of pressure.
  • Recognizing their  talent & providing them a good platform.
  • By cutting the wild shoots of  students like a good gardener .
  • By providing a tense free environment at home & in school.
  • Transforming  them into responsible & respectable citizens.
  • Cautioning  them against the evils, short-cuts & false show.
  •  Realizing  students’ limitations instead of over expectations.


School days are the sweetest and the most memorable


The UPS management is very cautious and serious about the memories of its students. To fullfil the desire of maximum number of students , The Annual Journal SUNRISE has been getting publised since last more than a decade every year. It is the best platform to record the documentary proof of childhood schooling days of the students which can be watched  and read even after many years  to come . All events and activities conducted and celebrated time to time are published on the glazing paper. It is worthwhile to mention that all students are given  the Annual Magazine  Sunrise free of cost every year.

Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled

Building their future

Our students are confident, creative and compassionate, and ready to pursue a world of opportunities

UPS prepares children for an exciting future. World-class teachers develop each student’s skills, and give your child a unique international perspective.

Preparing Your Child for the World Stage

The performing arts are creative keys that can unlock your child’s imagination and significantly transform their education.

AT UPS we are passionate about all  performing arts. All students in our school around the world experience music, dance and drama as they form an important part of our curriculum from the age of four right through to middle school. We strongly believe all  subjects play a crucial role in enabling our students to develop into intelligent, confident and well-rounded global citizens.

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The school namely Universal means symbolizing universality  was started in the two room rented building in 1995 with the enrollment of about 56 students . After two years the school was shifted in about four room rented building . Due to dedication and responsible commitment towards the students, the strength went on increasing .We had to shift school further in the big building on Bathinda Road near IFFCO . Owing to  heartfelt perpetual mental labour , the number of students was going to increase  year after year..The strength of students had crossed to 500 there. As a matter of fact, to run the school with such strength was not safe and secure there due to traffic hazards and commercial shops. Then we applied for bank loan of about three lacs and purchased a piece of land of four kanals near Kothi Wala Rah. About 15 rooms were constructed on the same land and finally the school was shifted in its own independent building in 2002,The strength of students shoot to more than 1000 there .The school management had maintained the prudent balance of enhancing the staff salaries, providing the classic facilities to the students  and also purchasing the land piece by piece for further extension  & expansion of building year after year.The school had earned a very good reputation in the co-curricular activities competitions at district, zonal and even at State level.  Moreover  the school achieved  extra-ordinary results in the board classes at district and even also at Punjab level.In the beginning the school got an affiliation of Punjab School Education Board, Mohali but now school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. In a nutshell, the School Chairman and Principal improved their own academic qualification to six post-graduations along with professional qualification. While they were struggling to establish the institution they were also improving their own education and tutoring the students privately to make their both ends meet.The Vice-Principal is a Ph.D,M.Phil (Zoology), PGDCA, B.Ed,CCF. It is worth for mention that the trio improved their academic qualification after their respective marriages.Now the school has become one of the most trusted and tested of the area of Talwandi Sabo (Bathinda)-Punjab.The school campus is spread in more than two acres near the main bus stand of Talwandi Sabo having a strength of more than 2100 students . It has a splendid building fully equipped with CCTVs and installation of  sound system . The school Chairman teaches English to all teachers and students on mike for 7-8 minutes daily. Handsome salaries are being paid to diligent teachers who are doing their level best to ensure the future of the students safe and secure. Humble Show & annual Prize Distribution Function’ has been celebrated since last more than 15 years in which now more than 1000 students participate actively in various cultural, religious and academic activities etc. All participants are encouraged and honoured with catchy prizes. The school has its own School Band, Musical instruments, Sikh Marshal Arts equipment etc to help the students to expose their hidden talent. Our school has produced IItian, Engineers, Doctors. Lawyers and teachers etc who are adding the feather in its cap by showing their extra-ordinary performance in govt. and private sectors.Luckily the school management is working round the clock and playing an active role to secure the UPS staff and students with full dedication, devotion and determination. Top class education comprised with high moral values is being imparted to the students who come from the rural and educationally backward families .The special stress is laid upon the all round development of each and every students .The filtered and chilled water is accessible to all students  in every block of the school. Special gen set is installed to ensure the all day power back up. All possible efforts are exercised to promote the students  of this area with value based education by dint of hard work. In a sentence, the dream of the school management is that what we can not become in our life but we can make so our students providing them what we can not have. 

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